Sounding the day

a listening adventure

John Palmer

1st Edition, 2015
© 2015
ISBN: 978-0-9931761-2-8


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Developed from 1990 to 2015, Sounding the day is a listening adventure of an educational nature where everybody, musicians and non-musicians, a single individual or two or more people of any age group, is invited to undertake a 24-hour journey of discovery about the sounds that surround us in daily life, both in the city and the countryside.

Following a pre-determined route that can be adjusted to the locality by each participant, this is a gripping opportunity to enhance our perception of the environment as a daily reality of immense sonic potential.

Sounding the day is an essential introduction to some of the most fundamental questions of new music, such as environmental sound perception, the emancipation of noise as a musical object and the awareness of concrete sounds in composition, while triggering provocative questions about the ever increasing problem of acoustic ecology. Having been especially designed for music students from primary to tertiary education, Sounding the day provides a crucial component for any course-work in contemporary music also including experimental, electro-acoustic and soundscape composition at any level.