Vision Edition is a publishing forum for the discussion of musical ideas with a focus on artistic creativity, scholarship and education.

Vision Edition fosters new paradigms in contemporary music performance, aesthetics and composition, as well as contemporary literature and general culture.

Vision Edition promotes cultural openness while respecting the dignity of artistic creativity. Our basic values include the commitment to discussion, sharing and learning at any level.

Vision Edition fosters independent and creative thinking and does not take part in any organized political activity. Donations may be accepted only in conjunction with the ethical values and mission professed by Vision Edition.

Submissions Policies

Proposals for books, essays and articles on music and creative writing are accepted in English, German and Italian. Proposals must be of artistic, scholarly, educational or ethical value and represent an original contribution to the subject. They must not contain verbal abuse of any sort and offensive language or content. Permissions for using reprinted writings must be obtained by the authors. Peer-reviewing may be provided by Vision Edition.

Proofreading and Editing

Authors are responsible for providing proofread texts. Occasionally, proofreading service may be provided by the Editorial Board.


Proposals are accepted in English, German and Italian. The standard English spelling is British English.


Authors of writings published by Vision Edition retain the copyright of their work. Agreements of sale contracts will be negotiated individually with the authors.